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Video Audition Coaching

Private One on One Coaching with Casting Director Julia Flores



Video Auditions are HERE TO STAY. Let's Get Your Video NOTICED!

A MasterClass designed for you and by you so that you are CONFIDENT and STRONG  submitting your video auditions AND stepping back into LIVE AUDITIONS!

Design your own PRIVATE ONE HOUR MASTERCLASS. Topics include any/all of the following:

Is Your Material the BEST that it Can Be?

My job as a Casting Director is to get actors ready and confident with their material before they meet my Creative Team (Directors and Producers).

I have years of experience that I would love to share with you to help you do your BEST! You share your WISH LIST/GOALS and then I will deign a unique POWER PLAN that will help guide you to SUCCESS. 

Here are just a few areas we focus on:

* AUDITION REHEARSAL! Let's work on your upcoming audition so you are prepared, ready and excited to step into the room LIVE again! I've been in Live Auditions for over a year now and can help get you mentally and artistically ready to share your best work.

* Musical Theatre and Legit (Plays) Audition Coaching
• Get specific notes and adjustments on your audition material. Create a standout audition!
* Audition Prep Plan
* Resume and Headshot(s)
* How/when to email Creative Team
* Outreach/Introduction Emails

• Making the specific choices that will connect you more to your character
• The Art of Storytelling


Online Video Audition Prep.
Video auditions may be new to most, but we have successfully been casting via video for all of our productions for the last three years.

Let me share the AUDITION PROTOCOL tips that will help you feel CONFIDENT and get you the BEST RESULTS.

• Get specific notes and adjustments on your audition material. Create a standout audition!
• Video Audition set up and prep (lighting, backdrops, mic, etc.)
• The difference between live and online/video auditions
• Where to look
• Playing to the camera to engage your audience
• How “big” or “small” should your work be? 
• What to wear
• What to say (and not say)
• Audition follow up  

Create STANDOUT Headshots and Resume:
• Choose the best pictures to reflect who you really are
• Create a professional looking resume that will standout  

Let's Work Together !

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