Julia's Diversity and Inclusion Statement:

Theatre has been my life’s passion for over 30 years because it is a place where rules can be broken, creativity reigns supreme and where we can always expect the unexpected. I believe that truly successful theatre is, by definition, equal parts inclusion, diversity and equality. This is what makes theatre relevant, powerful and engaging.

We are creators. We are artists who are responsible for representing humanity as a whole. As a Casting Director, it has always been my goal to create a cast that is as diverse and unique as the audiences we serve. Theatre is the examination of humanity. Coming together as a community to listen to opposing points of view is necessary. Theatre promotes social discourse, dialogue and supports necessary social change; our classrooms/audition rooms should do the same.

We are storytellers. Each story can be told in a million different ways from a million different viewpoints; this is what makes the audition room exciting. In every moment, there is the possibility of “casting magic”. I have seen preconceptions smashed when an unexpected actor with a deep-rooted connection to the character comes in and 100% captures the heart and essence of a role. It has always been my goal to keep our doors open wide enough so that magic can walk in. The productions I am most proud of are the ones where I have witnessed first-hand the tears of actors and audiences alike when stereotypes are shattered and they feel, perhaps for the first time, truly represented, heard and seen on stage.

I am a Mexican female working in a predominately Caucasian male dominated field. I understand the challenges this presents, but I also choose to acknowledge the satisfaction and power that comes when we face preconceptions head on, embrace our unique strengths and truly believe that we too have many valuable contributions to make. We can (and should) be successful because of who we are, not in spite of our “otherness”. It is of utmost importance that my actors feel safe and encouraged to bravely be themselves. Stepping out of the box of what is expected gives voice to true creativity. 

The greatest theatre comes from those who dare to dive in and be vulnerable. In order to achieve honesty and true vulnerability, my classroom will echo the inclusivity and appreciation I have cultivated in all of my audition rooms. Providing my actors with an environment of respect, honesty and warm regard not only makes their work stronger, but it makes the process more enjoyable for all involved. It is not an “us versus them” mentality that makes us successful; it is our equality, diversity and openness to all people, viewpoints, philosophies and beliefs that makes our work more powerful, connected and engaging.